Team Noiz Branding

Our brand

We are called Team nɔɪz. The origin of the name came from the noise that appears in photographs, videos, 3D-animation and music. It’s something that appears in all forms of artistic expression, and video games are a combination of all these expressions which is why our name is Team nɔɪz.

The word “nɔɪz” is the phonetic pronunciation of the word “noise”. The “ɔ” is called an “Open O” while the “ɪ” is called a “Lower Capital I”.

When reffering to Team Noiz, use either Team Noiz or Team nɔɪz.

Our logo

Our logo consists of three flower petals. "The Petal Trio" is the face of Team Noiz.

Please do not edit, distort, or reconfigure the Team Noiz logo.



Alternate Logos

These logos should only be used if the Team Noiz brand is already present or established on the page or design.

Colour palette






Ghost Whisper