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Nicole is a girl, living what she has belived to be a normal life. One morning she wakes up to a different world, every color seems to have been erased and things are disoriented, but somehow it all feels very familiar. With her one friend being online and equipped with a Kigurumi, she encounters the absurd and the terrible, the funny and tragic, and is faced with the reality of finding out why life is the way it is for her. 

Experience the alienation, despair and anxiety of being a mentally ill teenager in contemporary society. Explore the nature of being for countless human beings and the reality of psychological damage and decay, and a society that closes its ears.


- Battle bizzare enemies with our fun challenging battle-system
- A turn based game where skill wins over luck! 
- Use your in-game phone to access different apps
- Get invested in the world, characters and narrative


The idea of CHiLD came from the creator Sivert in August of 2015. He had long searched for a game like CHiLD, and after growing tired of waiting he decided to make it himself.

After showing some concepts and ideas to some of his classmates, they decided to get together and make this game the best it could be. Each member of the team has different talents and skills and making this game could only improve upon those.

The team decided to call themselves Team nɔɪz. The original idea of the name came from the noise that appears in photographs, videos, 3D-animation and music. It’s something that appears in all forms of artistic expression, and video games are a combination of all these expressions which is why our name is Team nɔɪz.

The word “nɔɪz” is the phonetic pronunciation of the word “noise”. The “ɔ” is called an “Open O” while the “ɪ” is called a “Lower Capital I”.

Due to legal reasons, we're not officially documented as "Team nɔɪz". Our name is registered as "Team Noiz" This is because strange Unicode letters aren't allowed when registering.







Team nɔɪz, Norway

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06 November 2017


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Rosiana is a 2D top down shooter/beat-em-up style game developed by Team Noiz.

The Rosian Realm exists above all others, uniting everyone to a common reality. The Realm protects and balances all other realms from conflicts, maintaining harmony. But nothing can last forever. The balance broken, Rosian becomes overcome with evil forces. You play as a hero summoned to restore the order and peace of life and cast out the endless waves of monsters at any cost.

How long will you last?!


Please take note that these are planned features and may not be in the game at the moment.

- Top down shooter with different weapons, attacks and characters

- Characters from other indie game universes with their own abilities, attacks, etc.

- Unlimited waves of enemies for unlimited amounts of fun

- Choose from different types of modes

-  Intuitive and easy upgrade systems

-  PvP and Local Multiplayer