ROSIANA - Update #1

We’ve updated Rosiana with new visuals, sounds and features! 

The game is free and we intend it to stay that way.

It still has a lot of problems and stuff missing, but it’s not meant to be released as a finished game. It’s a side project that will gradually get better and we’ve decided to let you be a part of its development stages.

We’re sad to say that we had to delete the Mac version because of a bug in Unity when exporting the build (which also the first version had) that makes it unplayable.

We don’t know when next update is, but we plan on getting back to it in the future with new stuff and improvements, so stay tuned.

v0.2 update is a result of three days hard work and you can check it out for free here:


Download the soundtrack for free here:

Sivert Hjortland